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Pubg Mobile Lite:
It is a game that talks about wars, attacking enemies, wars, a phrase about any Teams, a group of servers, and it is also sectioned, which each section has a different way of playing. First, the classic section is a group of teams consisting of four people or two or individual download the game of Peggy Light and the gym is about 100 players who enter together to the same server, which is also a group of maps, and other sections are the zombie section, where it is a normal gym, and at night, a group of zombies attacks the teams fierce attacking and the other section is the training and arcade section, which is a section that is played in A small area of ​​the map, which is also a small group of players playing in that map, and the match ends quickly from the classic mode, and also there are many sections that we can play in. Download it immediately to enjoy with us.

Information about PUBG Lite:
It is a very interesting and fun game, as it is derived from the mother Peggy, as it is light on phones and also contains 60 players instead of 100 players. A short period of time and this leads to high technology and high energy as well and there are a lot of new additions every day where the owner downloads new weapons and services inside the game every short period for fun and it is also a very interesting game where you can play with your friends around the world at any time and its cost is low It is very interesting and does not cost a lot of money to play it where a group of people play with each other in a very good and fun way, where every player maintains his life throughout the playing period to win the gym, and this is not an easy thing. Multiple sections and servers are very many, and the latest updates that have occurred to the game are the descent of the helicopter publisher, which is a very good and very interesting thing and there are a lot of games competing for the game but not It captures the admiration of players, as is the case in Pubg Mobile Lite, which is also a war game, one of the best war games over the past times, and is played by millions around the world where we can reach advanced levels of RB, where we can reach it by playing and doing tasks and opening Chests and gaining high experience through experience cards and also can reach high levels and compete for precious gifts that make you ahead of your teammates and the clan very large and fast, but also the game should not be played a lot of time as the game alerts when you reach the maximum time in it and also you can play individually without a team And entering a man to a man, and this is more fun and more difficult than the team, and you can get promotion cards and many funds from them, and this is something you will not get except with great effort and there are many players around the world who make good relations with each other and get to know new friends and this is a very good thing where we can also From doing a lot of things inside the game PUBG Lite and the classic sections with all its 2 maps – sections zombie and infection. 3- Arcade sections, which are also multiple, fun, and very enthusiastic.

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