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Summertime Saga
Be a student in the spicy visual novel. The story begins when your protagonist’s father dies. This is, of course, his mafia debt being passed on to you and your family.
Where there was a cheerful student who took him in one day, his father died, and from here the story began,
Follow Summertime Saga, you are free to visit anywhere in the city whenever you want and talk or order anything with all the characters you meet on the road or homes. Of course, you can only do things a day. After that, you should sleep and like this every day.

There are many things in this game. For example, improve your attractiveness by competing in rap, or your strength by exercising in the gym and this, etc.
Thus, by practicing you day after day, you will understand the game well and get used to it from its interesting details, so you will get to know many characters and places
Go on an adventure with Summertime Saga. You will enjoy the story but the many entertaining stories and good eye-catching graphics.

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