Glyph Quest Chronicles

Glyph Quest Chronicles
Glyph Quest Chronicles l Version: 1.05 | Size: 61.6MB
Developers: Chorus Worldwide Games Limited ​| Language: English

The hit core mobile game, “Glyph Quest” is back! This game is no simple Match 3 puzzler. A battle game wearing a puzzle game’s clothing, Glyph Quest Chronicles tests your gameplay skills to the limit. Defeat the hordes of enemies facing you by sharpening your spell-casting, arming yourself for battle with armour and weapon upgrades, and employing the right items in the midst of combat.
An exciting adventure featuring fantastic beasts, complex combos and more “just-one-more-go-ness” than you can possibly handle.
* Battle your way across the land, slaying fearsome foes and learning the art of battle magic.
* Master the system of Chains and Reversals to boost your damage and take down creatures far too powerful for mere acolytes.
* Harvest icky stuff from monsters and turn it into upgrades for your equipment. Don’t worry – we’ll wash it first.
* Level up, learn new spells including devastating Combos and powerful Summon magic.
* Unravel the mysteries of the poorly explained advanced features such as Aftertouch, Familiar Breaks and the really obscure Pull Glyph.
So what are you waiting for? Download it today! Right now in fact. Go on – we dare you…
Happy Questing!
Glyph Quest Chronicles
Glyph Quest Chronicles
Glyph Quest Chronicles
Glyph Quest Chronicles

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