Jailbreak 2016

Escape : Prison Break

Escape from prison – is the most difficult game of running from its hiding place in history: you dare to call? The first section: in prison to find “the hammer.” The second section: turn off all the power, then with a hammer, resulting in the first section, to spoil the electronic door of the

Dead Man Escape is an awesome escape game. You are stuck in high-security prison. Use the map system to jump back to any scene!

Prison break: Lockdown

You have been sentenced to death for murder. However, I know only that you commit a crime. Solve puzzles, discover hidden objects, manipulate prisoners and guards, and use your skills and what you need to escape, maybe then you’ll get a chance to prove his innocence. – An addictive jail escape

Cube escape: The lake

You found an abandoned cabin on a small island in the lake, Rusty. The only thing you’ll find some fishing gear, there is a knive and a crow bar. Prison escape! Let the fish and start exploring! Maybe you can change your destiny …

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