Knights Saga-3D Real-time RPG apk

CSZ : Global Alliance

ΝEW !! you get an EMERGENCY CALLS from the Captain A strange virus has taken in a Global Offensive; one after another, the Civill City people have succumbed, losing their appetite for food and gaining one for BRAINS.

Features Collect various buffs to enjoy unlimited action! Heroes gather from across space and time to wield the power of infinite buffs! Take the journey to explore all existing buffs in the world! The first RPG in landscape and portrait modes! Enjoy your adventure anywhere, any time! Landscape or

Last Empire-War Z

This is a dangerous world with walking dead and countless toxic creatures. The dark times has come, train your soldiers, find alliance and forge the weapons to protect your homeland. Only the ones with courage and wisdom would survive. Last Empire-War Z is a fresh new zombie theme strategy game,

King of Rebirth

Rise from the ashes of battle, necrophage. In your previous life, your empire was crushed. Now take your rightful place as Lord of the Undead. Revenge shall be yours! King of Rebirth is a strategic warfare game pitting international combatants against each other on one big world server. Form

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