Primal Legends

Immortal Legends - TD

Defend your spirit master in epic battles, evolve free-roaming heroes and turn monsters into allies as you journey through mythical China! The unlikeliest of heroes join forces to help their monk fulfill his journey across perilous lands set in the world of “Journey to the West”. Recover the sacred

Build your ultimate army with mighty Heroes, brave Spirits, powerful Troops and magic battle Cards, and then clash with other players around the world in live PvP battles.

Storm born: War of legends

This revolutionary action + strategy role playing game lead hero of the army! Fighters strong, crafty rogues, powerful Beastmasters, and more – the most powerful heroes of the realm Combine your power!

Heroes Dota defense

Lola and also bring more surprises innovations Defense game – Dota classic Dot Defense mobile devices 2, League of Legends is adapted because Dota 2 games and League of Legends -Lol and fan people will be extremely happy.

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Primal Legends | New Apk | 4.5
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