Spooky Horror House

Halloween Hidden Objects

Are you ready for our brand new hidden object game? Get ready to quickly look for the items in “Halloween Hidden Objects”! Get ready for Halloween 2016 with the best new scary game! If you like Halloween games, these “hidden object games” are an excellent choice for you! Happy Halloween to all of

Challenge yourself with the amazing puzzles in many different locations. Mysterious house with a lot of great puzzles and popular mini-games. Can you escape from this horror house?

Horror Hospital 3D

Only chance to survive from the hospital with ghosts is a cellphone. Are you ready to risk your life for saving your friends to hospital. In a darkness enviroment, you should find your way only using a cellphone light. Consider messages which comes your cellphone and reach your friend Note: We

Vampires Temple Hidden Objects

Are you looking for wonderful “vampire games”? Do you want to become a true vampire hunter? Here is an excellent vampire adventure for you! We have created this “hidden object” game which will entertain you and help you practice vocabulary! If you always loved playing “mystery hidden objects”,

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