Valhalla Bound

Valhalla Bound
Valhalla Bound l Version: 1.3.3 | Size: 8.68MB
Developers: Avizial ​| Language: English

You are Aros, fearless Viking and master archer, charged with performing the sacred Ship Burial Ritual. Tasked by the mighty god Odin, Aros must help his deceased brethren find their way to the afterlife, the grand halls of Valhalla. The lore of this practice involved setting the ship aflame with a flaming arrow. It is said that the fire facilitates the voyage to the realm of the dead.
Your responsibility is a noble one; guide the spirits to their final resting place for which Odin will hold you accountable! But you must defend these souls from creatures that seek to deliver them to Hel, the Nordic place of condemnation. Only you can defend them as they travel VALHALLA BOUND.
Valhalla Bound
Valhalla Bound
Valhalla Bound

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